Lay Report – Japanese Kawaii Chick


Daygame since August 2017 was HELL. I was getting nothing but a steady stream of rejections and blowouts. I had a period where I did like 50 sets with no number closes… I was close to giving up. It was literally one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I remember telling myself, during the peak of my dark days during August, that if I could get back to hooking sets and getting dates again, that I would have overcome the biggest challenge I’ve faced in life so far.

I took a good break from Daygame after August. Just focused on other things. Work, Buddhism, some gym. I only seriously started approaching again in mid-November.

This time, I tried to take the pressure off myself, and focused on just trying to get my vibe in the first 30 seconds of the interaction – no results, no expectations, just pure practice.

It went great… got a few hooks and number closes in the first few sessions. Few flakes. Went on a coffee date with a rotter. My attitude was just meh, whatever.


My vibe was great. I was out with a friend from work who is a daygame voyeur. Great for my vibe since it kept me out of my head and having fun. We were just going with the flow, chilling.

I spotted her walking down Pitt St…. I think I saw a flash in her eyes that matched my cheeky energy. Was that an IOI? Who cares, I’m going in. I turned around and stalked her from behind, checking her figure out from head to toe. Her curly Asian hair stood out to me, and her face looked Japanese. Good, I had an opener and a stack. I turned on my sexual eyes and jumped in front of her

She was cute, kinda chubby, and very fuckable

She rooted to the spot and smiled instantly. I was pretty much eye fucking her during the opener and stack, focusing on infusing as much sexual energy as I could put into the interaction.

We vibed for a little while, I think I also spoke about Japanese girls being cute or something. I can’t remember, but the man to woman frame was there.

I snapped out of it when I remembered to ground the set. Fuck! Nervousness started kicking in and I realised we’re in the middle of fucking Pitt St with people in glass restaurants all around me! I knew they were watching….

Whatever. I focused back on her, asked her why she moved to Sydney, and told her a bit about myself. I was trying to bring the energy lower and show her I can also be a normal person lol.

The set grew a bit stale, so I took her number and moved on with my day.

Was a good day with my wing. Number closed two other cuties, both of which replied a few times then flaked.


Texting was weird. She was clearly engaging in the text banter, but she kept dodging my date requests. This happened 3 times.

whatsapp image 2019-01-09 at 22.13.39
This shit

I gave up after the third time. I wasn’t gonna text her after that.

Then, out of nowhere, I got a “Heyy!” from her. Ding ding! Hope was still alive.

Then what happened was what I can only describe as a booty call. She fucking booty called me at 11pm.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 22.19.18.jpeg
She knew what she was doing..

Booty Call

I drove to the city, picked her up in my car, and drove her back to my place. She was touchy feely from the moment we met. It was ON, and all I had to do is not fuck this up.

I was trying to build some comfort and escalate smoothly during the drive home… but it wasn’t necessary. I could be chatting about cats and dogs and she would still sleep with me. She had made up her mind on the street a week ago.

We got home and into my bangpad. Gave her some water and a bit of space to settle down. There was some LMR, I went for the kiss a few times but got rejected… whatever, I did a fake push. I told her I’m going to sleep, turned lights off and pretended to sleep. My bluff worked and we started cuddling.

The cuddling led to fucking. She had a wet, welcoming vagina that I pummelled like a World War I battlefield.


  • Hope is a good character trait. Persevere through those dark times, and you will come out a stronger person.
  • Divide and conquer – break daygame down into little modules and practice each one. For example, that day I was focusing on the “sexual energy” module.
  • Sexual energy is very important in Daygame. Especially in the first 90 seconds.
  • Sometimes girls just want a booty call and a good fuck

Date Report: Japanese MILF

As before, I’ll explain things I did right and things I did wrong. Hopefully you can get a glimpse into my world and maybe take away a few things.

She was a Japanese MILF, 50 years old. She does yoga and was in good shape, and took care of herself. I approached her on Pitt St after work one day, it was my 7th or 8th set of the day.  I was in the zone. The set was crackling with sexual energy from the moment I opened her. I reached hook point very quickly and had a fucking massive boner throughout the chat. Just staring into her eyes and hearing her giggle at my jokes turned me on. She was a hungry cougar.

The set was great. Teased her about being a grandma, complimented her, stacked on her nationality and facial structure. Vibing was effortless and she was joining in. I really didn’t do enough investment though because I was just carried away by the attraction feeling.

When I went to get her number, she didn’t want to give it. So I said I’ll give you my number… and called myself when I put it in lol. She giggles like a Japanese schoolgirl and tried to grab it off me, rubbing her tits against me in the process. My boner has never been so hard in set.

She did eventually come out, but she was hungry and wanted to go to dinner first. I did Krauser’s 3 date model. Dinner was very social, just did mainly comfort stuff. After that I wanted to go to a bar, but she suggested coffee. We grabbed a coffee and I tried doing verbal escalation. She was joining in, but it felt too much for the cramped coffee shop and I could feel the chemistry dying. So i suggested let’s ditch this and go. She looked upset. Outside I suggested a bar and she agreed

At the bar, I did a lot of verbal escalation (green lights) and we got really deep. I told her I’m a serial player, and framed our whole interaction in Lover mode. She accepted the frame. I tested some physical escalation (rubbed her earrings), which was green light. All was looking good for the kiss. I went for the kiss and got it first try.

We chit chatted some more, but by this point there was really not much else to do. I held her hand as we walked down the street, and she was gripping it eagerly. It was on. I invited her back to my place, but she said “I’m not gonna sleep with you tonight. Maybe next time. You’re sick today” – which was true since I had a cold. The Japanese are the most hygienic people you will ever meet.

We parted ways. I’m hoping the next meeting will be a bang.


  • Nick Krauser’s date model from Nitro is amazing. It’s pretty much what I applied here.
  • Venue 1 = comfort, fun conversation, getting to know each other
    Venue 2/3 = deeper rapport. Sexual topics. Verbal escalation. Test some physical escalation. If all good, go for the kiss.
  • Disqualify yourself as boyfriend material. Frame the interaction as Lover mode


“My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy”

It was a crisp winter afternoon. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky above. The boy sauntered up the stairs of the platform, keenly aware of the people around him. He was in one of the moods were everything felt right. He felt good, like he was radiating positivity and offering true value to the world. It was a sense of well being unmatched by anything in the natural world.

So this is it, he thought. Good vibe is here. He was catching glances from girls around him and he was careful not to return it, lest it be too obvious.

He noticed one young girl exit the train at the same time as him, dressed head to toe in black. They did not make eye contact, but he knew she felt his presence. Who wouldn’t? He was feeling on top of the world.

He shifted his attention from the girl to his walking. He walked up the stairs, allowing the flow of the crowd to lead him up. But he sensed it again. The girl was right beside him, walking at the same pace. His heart tensed and his legs got that all too familiar leaden feeling. He knew she wanted him to say something. He knew he would regret it if he didn’t.

He hesitated for a moment. He was, after all, on his lunch break and colleagues often plagued this street. He was not willing to risk being blown out in front of them. But her vibe…. something was drawing him to her. She seemed almost disappointed as their paths separated.

He made up his mind. He knew she was turning into a quiet street. He was going to approach this one.

His body seemed to move on its own, like a predator as it stalks its prey. He saw a couple of colleagues, their faces seemed to drain of energy as they saw him change his path, his vibe clearly sexual and focused on the sweet young girl. This was simply beyond their reality.

His mind was mush, he was shivering with nervous, excited energy. His voice shook as he said some well practiced lines to her. Afterwards he couldn’t even remember what he said, or what she said. But he remembered her energy. She hooked instantly, rooting herself to the spot and firing personal questions at him. And in those few moments, he was king of the world.


I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t even daygame in a while. “Romeo, is it because you’ve lost all testosterone and passion for game” I hear you ask. It definitely isn’t.

As the famous book “Antifragile” by Nassim Taleb states, it’s better to sprint and recover, rather than jog at a continuous pace [1]. This is where we make the most gains. You may have heard it phrased in the pickup community as periods of “immersion” in game, followed by taking some time off.

Couple of weeks ago I was at the peak of my immersion, opening average of 6 sets per session, 3 or 4 sessions a week, I was feeling a bit more comfortable and looking forward to the sessions.

I didn’t stop because I needed rest, I stopped because I need to focus on work. I find that my work suffers when I am immersed in game, and vice versa. It’s difficult focusing 100% at work when my brain is still lit with dopamines from the previous nights approaches, and in the back of my mind I am planning that night’s session. So I had to stop for a couple of weeks, at least until I finish this project before the end of the financial year. Then no doubt I will be fully back in the swing of things, and hopefully writing some field reports too. Fuck I can’t wait

Accurate representation of me today

I think I could be content living like this. Periods of immersion in game and taking it a bit easy at work, and periods of immersion in work where I prevent my slide into complete unemployability. I guess you could say it is the way of yin-yang. The way of the r-k.


[1] Antifragile is a great concept and very applicable to game, and life in general. Here’s a good summary of the book. I admit I haven’t read the book, but it’s on my to-read list.


Date Report: Grotty Tinder Chick

I just got back from a date with a grotty Filipino chick I met through tinder.

We were supposed to meet last week but the bitch kinda flaked on me. She told me the restaurant she was at, but didn’t reply after I asked her if she was alone. I went up to check the restaurant and there were like 50+ people inside. I wasn’t going to wander around like a creep looking for her, just because she didn’t reply. So I bailed.

I rolled off for a couple of days then sent a second invitation. This time she replied, we set a time, and she fucking turned up an hour late to the planned time. At least she replied to my texts throughout the hour and kept me informed, so I was willing to overlook it for the lay.

Fuck she was so grotty in person. I would rate her a HB4, meaning she was below the threshold for what I would be willing to be seen in public with. Definitely below your average Filipino girl. She had a beer belly, a pockmarked masculine face that seriously looked like she was a tranny, and hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed in several days… I still would have demolished her given the chance

Like this, except uglier and greasier. Amazes me the shit I’m willing to put up with to get my dick wet



I took her to a nearby Starbucks, we sat outside where it’s less crowded. I hate it when there are people indoors who are listening to the conversation. Outdoor cafes just give a feeling of intimacy and helps me be more comfortable. My usual venue one is a local cafe with outdoor seating, and it’s usually quiet and empty. I’ve knobbed quite a few women after taking them there for a coffee. But I digress

As per Krauser’s Daygame Nitro, I started off with some deep rapport for like 30-40 mins. It went okay but I felt like she wasn’t opening up enough to start verbal escalation. I did more rapport for another 15-20 mins, and felt like she was feeling comfortable as much as she would get that night.

So I said fuck it and started some verbal escalation. I jumped off of what she said and talked about sex for a bit, then started the questions game with a cheeky smile. She returned the cheeky smile and we talked about sex for a bit. I could see her eyes opening wide with enjoyment. I asked her to rate her horniness on a scale from 1-10, she said 10.

From the outside, it all looks like it’s going according to plan. But the most frustrating thing is the verbal escalation was a false positive.

I told her, I’m going to kiss you later tonight. She said no, but that’s cool, that’s the response I usually get. We grabbed some food and I kept verbally escalating. After I felt like we were sexually open enough and enjoying each other’s company, I went for the kiss. I told her i’m going to kiss you when we get to that quiet area. She said no. Whatever, I went for the kiss anyway thinking she’s just playing coy, but she physically backed away.

At that point I was like WTF. What do I do now? I remembered I’m pretty bad at responding to a rejected kiss. I tried to be unreactive and we just small talked for a bit, until I realised I’m feeling pretty pissed off. I decided to just be upfront with her.

We had a long talk about what I want, what she wants, whether she’s attracted to me or not, etc…. Just wanted to get all that shit off my chest so we’re on the same page.

Turns out she’s attracted to me, and wants a relationship with me. She’s not looking for a hookup cos she’s already got a FWB taking care of her sexual needs. Bitch lied to me throughout the whole deep rapport stage, whereas I was quite open. No wonder I should have trusted my gut instincts, which was telling me the connection is not that strong and that something is off.

I was very clear that I am not looking for a relationship, and that she shouldn’t waste my time and energy in the future if she is just looking for somebody committed to be there for her.

I felt so relieved after we parted ways. What a waste of time. I could have been day gaming with Mr.M (we actually met up earlier that day and opened some sets).

I’ll ping her again, but I am setting limits this time. I am 1) not willing to catch a train for her, if she wants, she can travel to my local suburb for coffee, and 2) I am not willing to spend more than an hour on her without getting at least the kiss.

I’m confident she will fail both criteria, as she’s looking for a provider to invest in her, not the other way around.


  • Sometimes false positives happen, and you waste time on it. Just chalk it up to the game and move on.
  • I may have forced the deep rapport and verbal escalation on her, hence why she lied to me throughout. Get better at identifying when I am forcing it onto her, and when she is genuinely enjoying talking about it
  • I still have hang ups on girls enjoying sex. I just mentally judge girls too harshly if they have high notch counts, and I think they can sense this. I think it also makes me give off k-selected signals. A true r-selected guy would understand girls having lots of lovers.
  • Hold confident, upright body language throughout the date. I started off strong but noticed I really weakened towards the end. Fuck that shit. I want to be badass throughout the whole thing. Easy to say, but hard to do



Introduction to RomeoDaygame!

Hello there. Recently my PUA friend has been pestering asking me to create a blog to chronicle my daygame journeys. I was always hesitant to start one because I know from my uni days what a big load it can be to force yourself to write something you don’t want to. I also know how fun it can be to write. I was an avid reader and writer in my high school days (mainly fantasy books). My books reading has dropped exponentially since then.

Anyways, what can you expect from this blog? Probably nothing much that will benefit you to be honest, unless you’re into daygame or pickup. Even then, you will probably be subconsciously absorbing my bad game habits lol. You have been warned.

I’m going to keep my writing here in a stream-of-thought format, because that’s the least effort for me and the most fun to write. I’m not going to try too hard to keep it entertaining or easy to read; I already have too many responsibilities going on in my life, I don’t need another one.

So, who am I? I’ll try to paint a picture of myself. I’m a 27 year old engineer, 5’10” and of average build, Turkish background. I’d say my looks are okay. Nothing too special, but not bad either.

Kinda like this Turkish singer. Except less chodey looking

Not happy with my looks. Wish I was a 6′ white surfer looking guy, but whatever.

Another thing you will notice is that I will be very emotionally open in this blog. Nothing will be held back, and you’ll get a peek inside my heart. If that sounds too feminine for you then you might as well leave now.

I’m also highly introverted, INFP in the Myers Briggs typology. As the legendary Nick Krauser mentioned in his blog, introversion is probably why I love daygame so much more than night game or social circle game. Being loud and the centre of attention day in day out is not my thing. I would much rather be the Sigma.

I moved to Sydney, Australia when I was one year old and have been living here ever since. Went to uni here and now working a 9-5 office job.

I’ve knobbed 13 girls so far, 11 of them from Tinder. Their hotness ranged from HB3 to a low-8. So I’m not horrible at game. I know the basics of leading, escalating, and going for the close on dates. Now I hope to work on the initial meeting them and getting their number part. I heard daygame can amplify your results to give you hotter and younger than what you would normally get. In my current situation, I am confident I can knob 3 or 4 girls from tinder per year (around the HB6 mark, and using the paid version of tinder with 5 super likes per day). I’m hoping to knob 3 or 4 HB7’s per year, once I get my daygame up to scratch.

I’ve done about 100 approaches so far. Maybe a bit more. Got super lucky and got laid with a 30-ish Thai chick. Not hotter or younger, but she was definitely fuckable and wouldn’t mind being seen in public with her. The next weekend I got a blowjob from another Thai chick from daygame (both in Sydney). This was the height of my daygame success, back in February of 2018. I still consider myself a beginner despite having knobbed a yes girl already.

Anyways. There is no structure to this. I’m tired of writing so I might visit my girlfriend. Before you ask, it’s an open relationship. I’ve gotten quite good at setting those up.

If you like the thought of being in a relationship with a girl who loves you, but also being free to knob as many women as you like on the side without turning into a liar, tune in to my next post.

– RD